Victoria Pouches
I was diagnosed with a very late stage ovarian cancer in
2013. After finishing treatment and surgery late in 2014, I thought I was done but that ended up not being the case. My cancer spread to my lymph notes. I was back in treatment a few short months later. Treatment cause congestive heart failure and it was suggested that I start hospice. Instead my UC Davis doctor got me on a clinical trial drug late in 2016. I am doing much better and are still doing infusion with the study drug. I am pleased to do this run/walk for a second year now. Thank you UC Davis and God for that blessing.

Teresa Carle
This year will be the second time
that I have walked in the ROC 5K and I did not want to do it alone, so I decided to set up TEAM TERESA. I am a 2014 Ovarian Cancer survivor who was terminated (yes fired) from my job mid way through chemo. Because of that I was at first very reluctant to tell people at my new job that I was a cancer survivor. Since most of the people I work with are women, I felt guilty because I believe I should be educating others about the disease, so I decided to take the risk and let everyone know. I'm glad that I did as maybe someday the awareness and knowledge that I share may save a life.

I'm on the left (dark hair) with 3 beautiful sisters, 93 yr old mom and niece.